At SWISSCANONICA, food quality is our key concern, which is why we place so much emphasis on our ingredients.  In addition, we believe that healthy and nutritious food is especially important for growing children.  Our menus are created in consultation with a nutritional specialist, to ensure a balanced and healthy meal every day.

Our menu for the Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai (SISD) was created in answer to the schools’ food protocol, designed with the purpose of “educating students to eat healthy food while having fun in the process”.

Understanding the importance of food to the health and wellbeing of growing children, SWISSCANONICA has designed a menu that emphasizes the nutritious value of food.  Our menu incorporates Organic protein such as beef, lamb and poultry, with wild caught and fish.  Working closely with some of the best suppliers in Dubai, we offer high quality ingredients in all our meals, showing traceability of products and ensuring no GMO products will be used.  Bringing together local, season and organic ingredients, our Chef has created an inspired menu that is both delicious and healthy. 

Our Chef and team of cooks provide a European inspired menu with a mix of dishes from around the world.  Everyday our team prepares two different menus, each with a starter, main course and healthy dessert.  One menu is based around meat, fish or poultry (Menu 1) while the other menu is vegetarian (menu 2) – helping to teach children (and adults) the many ways of incorporating more vegetables in their diet.  Parents and children can choose between the two menus each day, ensuring that each child received a delicious and healthy meal that they will enjoy.  At the end of each week our Chef creates a country specific menu – helping children learn about the world through the meals they eat.

See some of our menu items below, and don’t forget to continue the education process back at home by talking to your children about the days meal.  By rating the items with your children each day, we can better understand how the children are enjoying the food and adapt our future menus based on the ratings.