1: How do I sign up?

You can visit http://swisscanonicacatering.com/ and click “Login/Register”. Click on Registration and enter you details and Submit. You will receive confirmation email on your email address that you have registered with. Open the email and click on the activation link. Now you can log in to your profile and enrol your children for canteen.

2: How do I choose a meal plan for my child.

Log in to your profile on http://swisscanonicacatering.com/login, enter your log in details. Once you are in, you will see your child/children already listed in your profile (if you cannot see any student in your profile, click on ‘’+Add’’ button and enter the student ID of your child, only digits). Go to ‘’Meal Plans’’, select the student and click on meal plan. For example: Grande Classe, Semester Package.

3: What is different between Petite Classe & Grande Classe?

Petite Classe – students in PreK, KG1, KG2 and Grade 1 and Grade 2
Grande Classe – students from Grade3 to Grade 12

4: What packages are available.

In SISD we offer below packages: Yearly Package: September – July (Petite Classe: 5250 AED, inclusive 5% VAT and – Grande Classe: 6125 AED, inclusive 5% VAT)
1st Semester Package: September – January Petite Classe: 2520 AED, inclusive 5% VAT and – Grande Classe: 2940 AED, inclusive 5% VAT)
2nd Semester Package: February – July Petite Classe: 2730 AED, inclusive 5% VAT and – Grande Classe: 3185 AED, inclusive 5% VAT)
Voucher Book: if you would like to have flexibility and no long term commitments buy a voucher book with 20 meal vouchers and your children can redeem them for daily meals directly at the canteen. Price of the Voucher Book is 700 AED (inclusive 5% VAT). Please note that lunch won’t be served if voucher is not presented. We do not recommend vouchers for Petite Classe Students.
Daily Option: There are limited portions of lunch available every day for the students to buy in the canteen during the lunch time. Please note that this will be on first come first serve basis. Daily meal price is 37 AED (inclusive 5% VAT).

5: How can I request Vegetarian meal for Petite Classe Student?

Petite Classe menu has been designed for younger children, it is balance and simple menu for students from Early Years to Grade 2. Vegetarian option available upon request, though vegetarian menu has not been especially designed for young children. If your children require vegetarian meal contact us on inquiry@swisscanonica.ae.

6: How can I check menu for my child?

Menu for Petite Classe is available on http://swisscanonicacatering.com/our-philosophy/menus-list, click on Petite Classe Menu.
Menu for Grande Classe for each month is available on http://swisscanonicacatering.com/our-philosophy/menus-list. If you would like to see the selection that you made for the Grande Classe Students, please log in to your profile and click on the current month…..

7: What happens if my child lost school ID?
Please double check ‘’Lost and Found’’ counter first before requesting new ID card. If the card is lost or broken, you can request new school ID in security desk.

8: How do I pay?

Cash and Credit Card payments are accepted in SISD Parent’s Café cashier desk.
Online Payment – you can pay via online payment getaway throu your
Bank Transfer
For Bank Transfers see details below:
Beneficiary Name: Canonica Restaurant and Catering LLC
Branch Name: Dubai-Abu Baker Al Siddique Branch
Address: P.O Box 118977 Abu Baker Al Siddique St. Building Deira Dubai UAE
Account Number: 6207718322
Bank: FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank) or (NBAD if FAB not listed with your bank)
Reference: Student's Name
Please send e-mail proof of payment at inquiry@swisscanonica.ae with the name of the child.

9: How can I request for invoices of payments I made?
You can send an email at inquiry@swisscanonica.ae and we will direct this to our accounts team, so we can provide you the invoice. Please mention name of the student in your request.

10: How can I cancel meal program?

All cancellation requests must be submitted via inquiry@swisscanonica.ae. Request made in person or via phone will not be considered. Cancellation notice is 15 days for Semester or Yearly Canteen Package. A management fee of 25 AED will be charged (an additional 20 AED will be charged if the refund is made by bank transfer).